At long last, the dairy industry’s propaganda and brainwashing are exposed. Joseph Keon has collected an impressive body of research to show that far from being nature’s perfect food, cow’s milk is unnecessary and potentially harmful. Whitewash uncovers the biggest health scam ever perpetrated on the American public.

-Michele Simon, JD, MPH
Author, Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back

Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow’s Milk and Your Health is a powerful ‘must’ for health and nutrition libraries.

-Midwest Book Review

Most of us grew up with the idea that milk is healthful, if not essential. And yet research has shown a surprisingly different side to dairy products, linking it to a broad range of serious health problems. Whitewash takes a comprehensive look at the problems associated with drinking milk and the industry that promotes it. This book has the potential to dramatically change your health.

– Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Human beings need to learn what all other animals instinctively know: milk is for infants. Despite the fact that allergies, disease, and obesity can all be linked to our obsession with cow’s milk, we have bought the milk lobby’s fable hook, line and sinker. Joseph Keon’s scrupulous research and meticulous documentation will wipe those sinister milk mustaches off all the smirking dairy execs. Whitewash is nothing less than a lifesaver.

– Rory Freedman, author, Skinny Bitch

Joseph Keon’s Whitewash is another authoritative and well-referenced nail in the cow milk coffin. Having discovered firsthand the adverse effects of milk in much the same way as Joseph Keon, I can say that without relentless taxpayer-funded USDA support, shameless advertising (with IRS tax deductions for same), milk products would finally stand exposed only as an expensive way to make yourself sick.

– William Harris, M.D. Author of The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism

In my medical practice, I have watched children with eczema, allergies, ear infections and chronic upper respiratory congestion lose most or all of their symptoms when they stopped drinking cow’s milk. And whole cow’s milk is also the food most to blame for the huge increase in obesity in America’s children. Whitewash is an excellent, well-researched book. Read it and don’t drink your milk!

– Jay N. Gordon, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA Medical School, Former Senior Fellow in Pediatric Nutrition, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute

The truth about dairy has never been so clearly told. Every parent and pediatrician needs to read this book. We should be raising our children to cherish truth telling and to be on the lookout for effective whitewashing. Joseph Keon has done a remarkable job in revealing the most effective (and expensive) propaganda campaign in US history.

— Patti Breitman, co-author of How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty and Director, Marin Vegetarian Education Group

Anyone, health professional or lay person, who pushes either dairy or calcium pills really needs to read this book. Unfortunately, this includes most of the health professionals I’ve come into contact with. Whether you’re a novice to strategies to get healthier OR you’d like to stay on top of the latest research, you need this book, not to just read, but to re-read, and keep for the constant references you’ll need as you try to educate others as to how they’ve been “whitewashed”!

– Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete, Author of A Race For Life and Senior Fitness

I defy anyone to read this book and keep on drinking the stuff.

-Vegan Voice, Australia

Whitewash is by far the best book written on the subject of dairy. It’s as convincing as Diet for a New America or The China Study, and should be required reading for all.


I highly recommend this book as it is easy to read yet thought-provoking, controversial but well-researched and literally a life-saver!

-Green Eatz