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The Real Truth about MILK & PROSTATE CANCER

Posted on: Jun 12 2014

Author: Joseph Keon
Article originally published in Hippocrates Health Institute’s Healing Our World, Volume 34, Issue 2
At least 24 studies have looked at the role of milk in the development of prostate cancer. Twenty of these studies have found a positive association. On average, the studies reveal about a… more ›

“Book of the Year” award goes to Whitewash

Posted on: Nov 10 2011

Whitewash has been selected as the 2011 “Book of the Year” by VegNews Magazine in its 10th annual list of “the very best of all things vegan.” VegNews said of Whitewash, “…the thoroughness of research should be irrefutable evidence to anyone not making milk mustache ads or on the payroll… more ›

More Contaminants Found in Milk

Posted on: Jul 26 2011

Using the most sensitive and rapid testing technology, researchers lead by Dr. Evaristo Ballesteros of the University of Jaen in Spain have identified an even broader range of contaminants found in a glass of milk. While most people are shocked to learn that all milk contains a cocktail of up… more ›

WHITEWASH Earns Silver Medal

Posted on: May 13 2011

Whitewash has been proclaimed a Silver Medalist in the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards (the IPPY) and will be honored at a gala awards ceremony in New York on May 23rd

Whitewash is also a finalist in ForeWord’s 2010 Book of the Year Awards in the Health category. The finalists… more ›

Are You Drinking Radioactive Milk?

Posted on: Apr 19 2011

In the last two weeks, part of the tragic aftermath of Japan’s earthquake reached North America in the form of radioactive fallout. While many Americans are unaware of this fact, officials know this because it ended up in our milk supply. Specifically, radioactive iodine-131, a radionuclide that emits beta particles,… more ›

Milk and Drug Resistant Bacteria

Posted on: Feb 10 2011

Each year the FDA detects illegal levels of antibiotics in the carcasses of hundreds of dairy cattle that have been sent to slaughter to produce meat products. Now, according to the New York Times, the FDA wonders if these same drugs might also be getting into the milk produced by… more ›

Response to Dairy Council-Nevada’s Claim Whitewash Contains ‘Misinformation’

Posted on: Dec 30 2010

On December 15, 2010 Mark Robison posted a link to a Vegsource review of Whitewash in his blog (Mostly Dogs) with the Reno Gazette-Journal. The posting attracted the attention of the Dairy Council of Nevada. A letter, authored by a Dairy Council dietician, was submitted to Mr. Robison and… more ›

Transcending the Myth

Posted on: Nov 02 2010

I was conducting an interview with Dr. Amy Lanou and we touched on the challenges she has faced in conveying some of the scientific findings with regard to milk and bone health.
Dr. Lanou is an assistant professor at University of North Carolina Asheville and the author of a wonderful… more ›

Raw Milk Sickens Seven More

Posted on: Oct 28 2010
Raw Milk Sickens Seven More

Today the Associated Press reported that seven additional Minneapolis residents have been sickened by consuming unpasteurized milk. This report brings the total number of residents in the state who have fallen ill from consuming raw milk to 47 since January 2010.
In the latest case it was determined that three… more ›

Cow’s Milk Allergy Often Missed by Pediatricians

Posted on: Oct 22 2010

Knowledge of the role of cow’s milk in causing allergic reactions in humans is not new. Indeed, the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–375 B.C.E.) observed that cow’s milk could cause skin rash and gastric problems.
According to Pediatric Annals, allergy to cow’s milk proteins is the most common food sensitivity issue… more ›