More Contaminants Found in Milk

Posted on: Jul 26 2011

Using the most sensitive and rapid testing technology, researchers lead by Dr. Evaristo Ballesteros of the University of Jaen in Spain have identified an even broader range of contaminants found in a glass of milk. While most people are shocked to learn that all milk contains a cocktail of up to 59 different hormones and growth factors, and often contains pesticide and antibiotic residues, Dr. Ballesteros’s team found a host of pharmaceutical drugs in the cow’s milk they tested in Spain and Morocco, including Niflumic acid (anti-inflammatory and painkiller), Mefanamic acid (anti-inflammatory), Ketoprofen (anti-inflammatory), Pyrimethamine (anti-malarial drug), and Triclosan (anti-fungal drug). All told, there were eight anti-inflammatory drugs detected in the milk samples. The researchers concluded that some of the drugs were given directly to the cows while others may have been contaminants in the feed they were given. The findings were reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Whether it be the naturally occurring hormones, the rocket fuel (perchlorate), the anti-inflammatory drugs, or the antibiotics, none of us (particularly children) should be exposed to such contaminants.

Either in Spain or the US, it has become abundantly clear that the regulatory agencies charged with protecting consumers from such contaminants are simply failing to do their job. Thankfully, humans have no need for the milk of another species, and therefore, can take steps to minimize their exposure to such contaminants by simply avoiding it all together.