Transcending the Myth

Posted on: Nov 02 2010

I was conducting an interview with Dr. Amy Lanou and we touched on the challenges she has faced in conveying some of the scientific findings with regard to milk and bone health.

Dr. Lanou is an assistant professor at University of North Carolina Asheville and the author of a wonderful book titled Building Bone Vitality. She told me, “There’s a really strongly held belief — and this is a belief that is across our population — that milk is important to the diet. It feels almost impossible as a person who’s standing there with the science to somehow push through that belief. The scientists believe it, the producers believe it, the populace believes it, our grandmothers told us this, our mothers told us this, television advertising has told us the importance of milk for our entire lives. So it feels almost heretical to have someone say, ‘actually that might not be helping bones.’”

Dr. Lanou and colleagues published an important study in Pediatrics. The study, a meta-analysis of 58 previously published papers, reported a surprising finding about diet and bone health in children. The findings are discussed in Chapter Two of Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow’s Milk and Your Health.