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Raw Milk Sickens Seven More

Posted on: Oct 28 2010
Raw Milk Sickens Seven More

Today the Associated Press reported that seven additional Minneapolis residents have been sickened by consuming unpasteurized milk. This report brings the total number of residents in the state who have fallen ill from consuming raw milk to 47 since January 2010.
In the latest case it was determined that three… more ›

Cow’s Milk Allergy Often Missed by Pediatricians

Posted on: Oct 22 2010

Knowledge of the role of cow’s milk in causing allergic reactions in humans is not new. Indeed, the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–375 B.C.E.) observed that cow’s milk could cause skin rash and gastric problems.
According to Pediatric Annals, allergy to cow’s milk proteins is the most common food sensitivity issue… more ›